About Stars and Stripes Poker Club

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Our Poker League holds 100% non-gambling and 100% legal
Free Texas Hold'em Poker Tournaments
for any and all skill levels.

We are a small poker club outside of Atlanta with a loyal and ever-growing member base. Our poker club structure is designed to bring the maximum number of people, ready to spend money, into your venue and keep them coming back week after week.

We currenlty have four poker tournament locations with poker tables going six days a week. the SAS is primed with players looking for places to earn league points. We promote, organize and operate the events at your location and our goal is to bring in large numbers of hungry and thirsty patrons to your venue where they compete in and enjoy playing in legal (free) SAS poker club tournaments.

Hire us and see how our successful poker club
can turn your slowest nights into your busiest.

We organize, host and promote Stars and Stripes Poker Club events at locations across metro Atlanta and surrounding counties. We are a value-added entertainment company providing poker tournament & league services to restaurants, bars, and pubs across north Georgia.