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Club Rules

These rules govern the operation of all players in any Stars and Stripes Poker Club sanctioned event.

  1. All players must agree to and abide by all rules of the Stars and Stripes Poker Club and Robert's Rules of Poker – Version 11 (modifications listed below).
  2. Players must fill out the Player Agreement before playing in an event. See your Tournament Director to signup.
  3. All events are FREE to enter. Chips have no cash value and are for play purposes only.
  4. Players receive League Points based on event finishes.
  5. Players must be at least 18 years of age. Many venues require 21 & up.
  6. Players who do not follow the rules, will receive a verbal notice, then removed from the event if the behavior continues.
  7. Gambling, cheating, stealing or placing currency on the poker table IS NOT allowed and those caught engaging in these acts will be banned from future events.
  8. All Tournament Director decisions are final.
  9. Seating is assigned by the Tournament Director.
  10. At the beginning of the event, the dealer button will be decided by dealing high card at one table. That seat is then the button at each table.
  11. Alternates may join the event as soon as a seat is available. No blindsare required unless they are in the big blind seat.
  12. Alternates may not receive their first hand on the button or in the small blind.
  13. Chips must remain on the poker tables at all times, with the highest denomination chips clearly visible.
  14. The dealer will fold your cards if you are not at the table when it's your turn to act.
  15. Announce bets or raises clearly. No string bets allowed. Do not splash the pot.
  16. An oversize chip bet is a call, unless previously declared a raise.
  17. Raises must be at least the amount of any previous raise (or bet), except when all-in.
  18. Players must show both of their cards to win a contested pot.
  19. Side pots will be used when necessary.
  20. If player A shows their live cards to player B (who is still in the hand), then player A must show everyone.
  21. If player A shows their live cards to player B (who has folded), then any player may request to see player A's cards after the hand is complete.
  22. Your hand will be folded if you are on a cell phone when it's your turn to act.
  23. Blinds will be raised throughout the tournament according to the Blind Schedule. Players are obligated to pay all blinds in turn.
  24. Dead Button: If the player in the small blind is eliminated, the button moves to the empty seat. Players post blinds as normal.
  25. Dead Small Blind: If the player in the big blind is eliminated, the small blind is dead and only the big blind is posted.
  26. If two players are eliminated on the same hand, the player who started the hand with more chips is awarded the higher finish position.
  27. Re-deal for the button when consolidating to the final two tables or when the final table is reached. Tournament Directors discretion.
  28. When two players remain, the player due to assume the big blind does so. The player in the small blind gets the button and acts 1st prior to the flop & 2nd after the flop.
  29. Please treat your venue staff, SAS staff, fellow players and the game with respect.

These rules are not all encompassing and there are additional Stars and Stripes Principles of Player Conduct that each player is expected to abide by.

Thanks and we'll see you at the tables!